Call for Speakers: Join Our Kickoff Conference

We're hosting our first conference for families raising children with disabilities - and we need passionate, knowledgeable people to help us launch it!

When: We're aiming for mid-late October. 

Where: Great question! We're still working on a location, but it will likely be in Lawrenceville, GA.

Who We're Looking For: We're super open to fresh ideas, but here are some of the topics we came up with: Disabilities & Family Relationships (marriage, sibling support, etc.); Coping with Anxiety; Community Resources; Budgeting and Funding Support; Parent Perspectives; Balance/Meditation/Mindfulness; Self-Esteem; Bullying; Nutrition; Special Needs Trusts.

How: Send us a note at if you're interested. In your email, be sure to include - 

  • Your name, contact information, and any credentials that you think make you an expert (and yes, being a parent is absolutely a valid credential!)
  • Your availability
  • A brief descriptions of the topic you'd like to speak on
  • Any supplementary materials to illustrate how you'd address the topic (videos of previous speaking engagements, handouts, PPTs, etc.)

To stay up-to-date on the topics and details for the conference, enter your email address here, and we'll keep you informed.